Pam'ela: HIS Apprentice

WELL...COME! I am an Evangelist ~ Pam'ela: HIS Apprentice!

It's the God in Me!


My name is Mrs. Pamela Robinson Smith. I'm an Evangelist known as Pam'ela: HIS Apprentice, because I learn valuable lessons from the LORD. Then, I teach GOD's People about life, faith and religion.  

I commit myself to EDUCATION (Scripture) and WELLNESS (Spiritual Coaching). I'm also passionate about increasing SPIRITUALITY (Celebrant/Speaking) in our community. My husband and I have been working with NJ nonprofits, like churches from Essex County to Union County. Life-altering events in 2017 prompted us to create an ecumenical, wellness fellowship called REIGNbow ReNEWed.

My Philosophy


In life, we try our way and get a little success. Why not try GOD's way get abundance, freedom, and grace? The answers to life's tough questions start with The WORD. I incorporate Christian principles into my ministry and my business. My vision is to illuminate the goodness in this life.


My Commitment


It's a honor to share myself with you, because my lessons, skills, and talents come from the LORD. I give YOU my commitment, to serve, share, and teach you through innovation, discipleship, and education. 

My Help

My Vision

The Reasons Why I Do What I Do . . .


  • To create a loving and lasting legacy for my family.
  • To enhance my ministry and provide for others' needs.
  • To make time to beautifully express my art and music.

  • To be a debt-free and financially free role model.
  • To own a business with an awesome support system.
  • To build a dynamic team of coachable people.

  • To improve our home and prep for future rentals. 
  • To positively change the growth of my community.
  • To buy our new home in a thriving neighborhood.

Spiritual Credentials

Ruling Elder (in training)

...from Siloam Hope First Presbyterian Church (2019).

Minister and Sunday School Teacher

...from Macedonia Baptist Church (2001 to 2019). 

...from First Presbyterian Church Elizabeth (2014 to 2018).

Ministry Ordination

...from the Universal Life Church (2014) .

Certificate of Theology & Ministry from the Princeton Theological Seminary (2017).

A Message of Hope