Pam'ela: HIS Apprentice

The Ministries of Pamela Robinson Smith Welcomes YOU!

What I Am . . .

A Teacher


My team and I teach our community how money really works for comfortable, charitable living. We also share valuable lessons about NJ history.

The goal is to elicit intellectual growth.

An Advisor


The LORD blessed us with temples that we must cherish for a lifetime. It starts with proper shelter and evolves into the preventive self-care. 

The goal is to promote natural growth.

An Evangelist


GOD made me a creative messenger. I use my voice to boldly praise and preach about His Holy Word and way. Be open and receive the message.

The goal is to cultivate spiritual growth.

Who I Am . . .


My name is Mrs. Pamela Robinson Smith and I'm also known as Pam'ela: HIS Apprentice, because I learn valuable lessons from the LORD. I then share my experiences with His People. My family and I work with NJ nonprofits, like churches from Essex County to Union County.


The Philosophy


Many times, we try to resolve life challenges on our own. Why not try GOD's way get abundance, freedom, and grace? The answers to life's tough questions start with The WORD, so I use Christian values in ministry and business.

The Commitment


It's a true honor to share my team and myself with you, Our lessons, skills, and talents come directly from the LORD. Our commitment is to increase EDUCATION, SPIRITUALITY, and WELLNESS in our community. 


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How I Am . . .

Why I Am . . .

The Reasons Why I Do What I Do . . .


  • To create a loving and lasting legacy for families.
  • To propel ministry by selflessly providing for others' needs.
  • To beautifully express creativity through art, literature, and music.


  • To be a debt-free and financially free role model.
  • To own a business with an awesome support system.
  • To build a dynamic team of coachable people.

  • To assist our elders with good quality of life. 
  • To positively change the growth of community.
  • To discover Home Sweet Home for those in need.