WELL...COME! I am an Evangelist ~ Pam'ela: HIS Apprentice!

It's the God in Me!

My name is Mrs. Pamela Robinson Smith. I'm an Evangelist known as Pam'ela: HIS Apprentice, because I learn valuable lessons from the LORD. Then, I teach GOD's People about life, faith and religion.  

I commit myself to EDUCATION (Scripture) and WELLNESS (Spiritual Coaching). I'm also passionate about increasing SPIRITUALITY (Celebrant/Speaking) in our community. My husband and I have been working with NJ nonprofits, like the First Presbyterian Church and Macedonia Baptist Church. Life-altering events in 2017 prompted us to create an ecumenical, Christian fellowship called REIGNbow ReNEWed.

My Philosophy

In life, we try our way and get a little success. Why not try GOD's way get abundance, freedom, and grace? The answers to life's tough questions start with The WORD. I incorporate Christian principles into my ministry and my business. My vision is to illuminate the goodness in this life.


My Commitment

It's a honor to share myself with you, because my lessons, skills, and talents come from the LORD. I give YOU my commitment, to serve, share, and teach you through innovation, discipleship, and education. 

My Help

A Message of Hope