Pam'ela: HIS Apprentice

If you haven't figured it out by now, I am not a typical minister or evangelist. I am an Edgy Evangelist, because my ministry doesn't simply focus on the spiritual aspect of life. My objective is to help you navigate through the spiritual, intellectual, and natural aspects of life. I believe we as a community can #LiveLifeBetter2Gether4Ever!

Soulfully Grow

Intellectually Grow

Creatively Grow



If your organization seeks a fresh, uplifting perspective about faith, love, and charity. Would you like me to...

  • PRAY for You? I'm a fierce prayer warrior.
  • SPEAK at Your Event? I'm a humble messenger.
  • OFFICIATE Your Celebration? I'm a joyful celebrant. 

Let's connect via our ecumenical fellowship, REIGNbow ReNEWed. Let's empower our spirits together.

Creatively Grow

Intellectually Grow

Creatively Grow



With our marketing communications program, ReNEW By U, we help...

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Real estate professionals
  • Small businesses

...to create and revitalize awareness about their causes, products, or services. As a client, you benefit from two decades of graphic design and marketing experience. Our mission is to increase awareness with effective and meaningful communications.  

Intellectually Grow

Intellectually Grow

Intellectually Grow



Our ministries are atypical, because we offer kindhearted knowledge, to help you navigate life. The best way to understand the Bible is with a willingness to learn and ongoing exposure. 

In our studies, we effectively leverage art, blogs, graphics, and videos. 


If you're having tough times, coaching could be the key.

Our mission is to share real experiences, guidance, and resources with you. We help you walk through life with confidence.

  • Learn how to achieve your goals
  • Gain access to life-changing help
  • Receive encouraging support

Our coaching incorporates Scriptures, prayers, and guidance. We know that good values and a good relationship with GOD makes growth possible. Register for coaching.

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*NOTE: Our coaches do not serve as counselors, psychologists, or other licensed mental health professionals. We cannot provide you with assistance in the treatment of certain mental, emotional, or behavioral problems. If you believe you need the help of a professional counseling service; or you're presently under the care of a licensed mental health professional, you're encouraged to continue treatment.


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